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Thoughts on Dr. Wang from former and current patients:

“Acupuncture helps loosen muscles in my shoulder, neck, and spine. After recent open heart surgery and acupuncture treatments, my leg pain was lessened and the healing process was noticeable, both physically and emotionally.”
– Julia V.

“Ben Wang is a dedicated and caring acupuncturist. I feel very fortunate that his skill has kept me mobile and relatively free of pain for 10 years, despite lower spine deterioration and arthritis.”
– Dee M.

“When I came to Dr. Wang I had been seeking relief from lower back pain associated with Sciatica for several months. In spite of chiropractic and physical therapy treatments, pain relief was only available through pain medications. Your acupuncture treatments over the last four months have greatly reduced my pain, improved my posture, and eliminated the need for strong pain medications.”
– William S.

“I’m a senior citizen with arthritis in my neck and lower back. Acupuncture has been a great relief for the pain and adds to my mobility and eases pain while I am doing my portraiture.) I can’t ‘shop until I drop’ but I go dancing two times a week.”
– Irma Sue D.

“The acupuncture treatments I have received over the years from Dr. Wang for neuropathy in my legs has been most beneficial. The treatments have also helped incontinence. He is a caring and understanding practitioner and O.M.D.”
– Beatrice T.

“I’m grateful to you for helping me live with freedom from headaches. I look forward to my session with you, coming away relaxed but energized, ready to enjoy teaching my kindergarten class! My sincere thanks.”
– Marcia M.

“I started seeing Dr. Ben Wang for my TMJ (I have arthritis in my jaw joint) in mid-August 2002. After only about a month of acupuncture I am almost pain free. I do not need to take any medications for my jaw and neck. Acupuncture is not new to my family. My grandmother had acupuncture with an associate of Dr. Wang’s in El Cajon for approximately 20 years. She went for treatment for a very painful deteriorating disk in her spine. Her regular doctors could do not more for the severe pain in her back. After less than 10 treatments, she had no pain;. She kept going for acupuncture and she had a good quality of life.”
– Lorraine R.

“I have been treated for a sinus problem by many acupuncturists in the various cities in which I have lived and I believe Dr. Wang to be the very best!”
– Anita U.

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